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Karai & Marrasym

These two were the last princes of Atlantis. Their feud over the powers of Atlantis and the precious, powerful Loculi ultimately lead to the destruction of their once-great civilization.


So I continue to run. Until I hear a voice.
I know the voice. It is my brother’s.
He is my age, but we look nothing alike. I am angry with him, but I don’t know why. He is telling me to come, to escape with him.
A fireball plunges from the sky, nearly taking my head off. I believe my brother’s plan is doomed. But I see an escape: a scorched pathway through the woods, leading over the ridge. I point that way and call to him. His name comes off my tongue, but I can’t hear it.
And now I can no longer see him. Where is he? I hear his voice behind me. Then to my left. My right. Above me. I turn and turn, helpless, confused.
And I see the great creature looming above, the head of the lion-bird gripped between its teeth.
It is coming for me.

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